It is the End Of All Hope...

You hope that what you're livin' is Imaginary

But there is something that Brings you to Life, to reality

Thisi is why you're sad :

'Cause your father, your Angel Fell First.

But I know that Even In Death your love goes on.

Every night, you'll cry For The Moon

To ensure him a good travel through the sky,

Like Tutankhamen in the Ancient Egypt.

You'll look at the stars Lagoon

To find your Pharaoh's star.

Soon, you'll realize that he's always with you

And he will guide you towards the Sirens of the past

Who will remember you all the good moments you spent.

It is the Birth Of All Hope....



Ceci est un poème que j'avais écrit pour une amie qui venait de perdre son père... Voila pourquoi il est si triste.